1 In how many professional categories can I register?
When you sign up for RAMPA, you can only register in one professional category and subcategory. If you consider that your profile covers more than one category or subcategory, indicate the main one in the registry and the rest in the biography within your profile when you complete this field.
 2 In which language can I register

Either in Spanish or English as you prefere.

 3 Can I create more than one profile for the same user?
Not at the moment. For security reasons, only one profile per user is allowed. If two profiles created by the same user are detected, one of them will be eliminated, an action that will be notified in the email indicated in the profile.
 4 Who can register?
Any woman professional in the audiovisual industry, creator, service provider, teacher or student, with a Spanish residence.
 5 What do we consider as a professional woman?
Every cisgender (a person whose gender identity matches her sexual phenotype), woman and/or trans woman who works in the audiovisual field.
 6 Can I register if I don’t have a Spanish residence?
In a later stage, once the platform attracts the recognition and adherence of a critical amount of registered users, other professionals from Europe and Latin America may gradually join.
 7 How can I register in the system?
By clicking on the "Join" button on the main menu and completing the required fields. For your profile to remain in the system it is mandatory that you include a short biography, a profile photo and a cover photo.
 8 Who can see my profile and my contact details?
Any user, registered or not, on the platform.
 9 What files can I upload to my profile?
You can upload a profile photo, a cover photo, your resume in PDF or Word and photos of your projects in the "Portfolio" section.
 10 What information can I include in my profile?
You can include your name, surname and contact information, your professional category and subcategory, your biography and location. You can also include your professional projects by linking them in the "Other jobs" section or directly by linking your social networks.
11 How do I find my professional category and subcategory when I register?
Using the search engine in the "Home" of the website. The professional fields, categories and subcategories are sorted alphabetically.
12 What do I do if I can't find my category or subcategory in the directory?
You can suggest it by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will evaluate whether to include it in the improvements planned for the next phase of the project.
13 How can I do a search?
Using the search engine in the home page of the website or in the "Categories" tab. The platform allows you to search by location, scope, category and professional subcategory.
14 How do I contact a professional?
In each profile there will be at least one direct way to contact the professional or the company that represents her, by email or telephone. Your profile on social networks will also be visible if you have decided to include them in your Rampa profile.
15 Can I keep my confidentiality?
Any professional who does not wish to disclose her personal contact information can provide the email or telephone number of her representative, agent or company.
16 I don't remember my password and I can't access my profile. How can I get it back?
Clicking on the "Login" button on the main menu and clicking on the link "Did you forget your password?"
17 Can I modify my data or unsubscribe?
You can update and manage your profile data or unsubscribe at any time by accessing your profile with your username and password in the "Login" button on the main menu.

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