RAMPA is an interactive, open and free directory of information, for contact and geographic location of female audiovisual professionals and technicians who work throughout Spain, in Film, Television, Advertising, Video Games and XR. 

RAMPA is a necessary resource, useful and simple to use. It´s a fundamental tool to promote and foster the professional specialization of women, seeking the equal structuring and integration of a very atomized sector, even in positions that traditionally haven’t been performed by women.

Mission: Recognition begins with knowledge

We understand that Women’s inclusion and recognition in the audiovisual industry job market begins with knowledge. However, today there is no open and specific database that includes all the women who participate in the different professional specialties anywhere in Spain, be it in the cinema, television, advertising, video game industry or in the XR (which includes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).

 RAMPA comes to fill this gap, as it is a free interactive directory that facilitates the search and geographic location of women technicians in the cinema and audiovisual sector. The aim is to give different organizations, agencies, production companies, televisions, entities and other structures of the industry from all around the world the possibility of hiring women in the platform and therefore to take positive action measures in favor of the creation of female employment. We are aware that there are more and more people and entities assuming that it is necessary to transform this sector’s current conditions and are committed to promoting gender equality and women’s rights.

 RAMPA is a professional hub, a node, knowledge and connection place that, with more than 37 categories and 270 job subcategories, allows finding the profiles that best adapt to each audiovisual production, also promoting labor, cultural and artistic exchange between women in the audiovisual industry. In addition, this tool will favor the internationalization of women in the sector since the proportion of filming by foreign companies and the development of co-productions is constantly increasing throughout the Spanish territory. So, in this way they will have a platform to find them. 

RAMPA wants to promote the creation of a community of audiovisual professionals. The platform is also going to be a virtual meeting place that offers information and links together associations and technicians from different origins so that they can exchange ideas and generate joint proposals.

Vision: Visibility for equality

We need to show the multiple voices and gazes of women so that, as creators, professionals or as interpreters of reality, the film industry and the public recognize them. We are tired of hearing that "there are no professional women" in this or that specialty of the sector.

That is why RAMPA was born, a platform by which we seek to favor the specific promotion of women in the audiovisual sector and make their talent visible throughout the film value-creating production chain (creation and training > production and screening > promotion and marketing > distribution and sales > consumption and accessibility) with the aim of fighting against its historical discrimination, whether structural and / or diffuse.

Our main objective is to improve women’s visibility conditions and increase the job offers to women to achieve real gender equality of opportunities in a disaggregated professional sector that, in addition, suffers from a significant fragmentation and a remarkable geographical dispersion. This problem becomes evident in the noticeable dissemination of technical and territorial associations that have little contact with each other.

Women professionals and technicians in the audiovisual sector who register as users, whether consolidated or young promises, can show their work by publishing their photographs, cv and contacts, links to examples of previous work: clips, reels or demo reels on Vimeo, ratings and recommendations. In addition to promoting job creation, this instrument will allow the collection of real and reliable data on professional women in the sector.

At the same time, through the visibility of top-level technical women, whose names in many cases are little known, we are betting on the consolidation of new professional references that value the female talent resident inside and outside the country.

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